Comic 136 - A apology...

24th Sep 2013, 10:45 PM
A apology...
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Centcomm 24th Sep 2013, 10:45 PM edit delete
This is the last Page before the move. My apologys I just wasnt able to get more done :(

This will pick back up once im in Pheonix AZ. I adore all of you amazing people that helped with the move!!!
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cattservant 24th Sep 2013, 10:55 PM edit delete reply

And you leave us
Firmly ensconced
On Top of the cliff
Enjoying the view.

Centcomm 24th Sep 2013, 11:01 PM edit delete reply

well at least its not a cliffhangar >_<
cattservant 24th Sep 2013, 11:11 PM edit delete reply

My point exactly!
A natural location for a hiatus
And you can say Hi at us
When you're ready to resume.
Sheela 28th Sep 2013, 11:18 AM edit delete reply

Meanwhile ...

Lemmings jump off the cliff!

Stormwind13 29th Sep 2013, 12:07 AM edit delete reply

And puppies follow the lemmings, barking happily, Sheela? :-D
Sheela 29th Sep 2013, 3:15 AM edit delete reply

Must. give. chase. !!

Don't worry though, I stole an umbrella from one of the lemmings. :)
Highlander55 24th Sep 2013, 11:29 PM edit delete reply
Safe journey Centcomm! :)
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 3:55 AM edit delete reply

thank you so much !
Stormwind13 25th Sep 2013, 12:02 AM edit delete reply

Well things are looking MUCH better for Galina. Rose is a good person to know for sure and has the potential to be a VERY good friend. :-)
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 3:55 AM edit delete reply

Rose is a excellent friend and you always know where you stand with her :D
Stormwind13 27th Sep 2013, 6:53 AM edit delete reply

You get to stand in Rose's presence? Not bowing down to the power that is Tokyo Rose? :-D
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 8:18 AM edit delete reply

hehe yep I do .. and soon enough ill be back :D
Sheela 28th Sep 2013, 11:19 AM edit delete reply

Back ?
Back from where ?
Do you have to talk to the hand too ?
Centcomm 29th Sep 2013, 4:38 AM edit delete reply

pretty soon ill be back in Pheonix, AZ where Rose is.
Stormwind13 29th Sep 2013, 11:21 AM edit delete reply

Yay for being with friends again! :-)

Good luck with the move and take care.
Sheela 29th Sep 2013, 11:23 AM edit delete reply

Ahh ..

AZ is Arizona, right ?
Stormwind13 29th Sep 2013, 10:18 PM edit delete reply

That's right, Sheela. :-)
jamie59 25th Sep 2013, 12:09 AM edit delete reply

plymayer 25th Sep 2013, 12:52 AM edit delete reply

Have a safe move.
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 3:56 AM edit delete reply

thank you
mjkj 25th Sep 2013, 12:57 AM edit delete reply

Just worse than most almost sounds like an understatement...

*hugs Galina*
Centcomm 27th Sep 2013, 3:56 AM edit delete reply

Mayyday 25th Sep 2013, 11:46 AM edit delete reply

I kinda want a spinoff comic of whatever show Tokyo Rose interrupted, there. What is that, like a jetpack guy?
Stormwind13 25th Sep 2013, 8:53 PM edit delete reply

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, May. :-D For REAL though. It was a news program. :-D
Don B. 27th Sep 2013, 9:57 AM edit delete reply
Not as awesome as Dick Dodgers in the 24th and-a-half century though...
Marcus Ramesy 27th Sep 2013, 4:32 PM edit delete reply

I thought that was 24.5 centimeters??
Sheela 28th Sep 2013, 11:20 AM edit delete reply

Nah, those were his pants measurements. >_<
velvetsanity 28th Sep 2013, 2:19 PM edit delete reply

Duck Dodgers! What a maroon...
Don B. 29th Sep 2013, 9:56 PM edit delete reply
***Facepalm*** I've just realized that I misspelled duck. Frickin' typos...
Stormwind13 29th Sep 2013, 10:17 PM edit delete reply

Well you got people to react to the mis-spelling, Don. So don't feel TOO bad. Kept things interesting. :-D
Don B. 29th Sep 2013, 11:41 PM edit delete reply
Reactions are's just that I use four letter words all the time. You'd think that I would know how to spell them. :P ***Self depreciating derpa derpa doo***
Stormwind13 30th Sep 2013, 12:09 AM edit delete reply

Knowing how to spell them is one thing (which I think you DO know). Getting them right when the two keys are right next to one another (if you are using an QWERT keyboard) when both of them are VALID words takes a little more concentration. And I know I don't always have it myself. :-)
Don B. 30th Sep 2013, 1:14 AM edit delete reply
It's a QWERT keyboard sure enough. Thinking back on the subject, Dodgers was kind of a dick so I don't feel so bad. :)
velvetsanity 30th Sep 2013, 11:36 AM edit delete reply

I was calling Duck Dodgers a maroon, btw (and tossing in an extra loony tunes reference in the process ^_~)
Don B. 30th Sep 2013, 11:46 AM edit delete reply
Looney tunes is hands down THE best cartoon I've seen to date. You can go on for days spouting the one liners. Bugs as a conducter messing with the opera dude is probably my favorite...***Gasp!!*** LEOPOLD!!! Anyhoo...Yoinks and away!!!
highlander55 30th Sep 2013, 9:46 PM edit delete reply

Unfortunately they won't show the good older toons due to racist and violent content. Think also Tom & Jerry, Top Cat and others.
cattservant 1st Oct 2013, 5:24 AM edit delete reply

"I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque!"
ranger_brianna_new 28th Sep 2013, 8:55 PM edit delete reply

Aww, this comic is so sweet. :)
Stormwind13 2nd Oct 2013, 9:45 AM edit delete reply

(Cross-posting to make sure everyone sees it)

Alright, for those interested in such things... The Phoenix Project is NOW (finally) live.

Looks like they are planning on calling the game, City of Titans. So if you (still) want to be a hero, get in on the kickstarter! :-)
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