Comic 150 - No choices...

9th Jan 2014, 12:46 AM
No choices...
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Centcomm 9th Jan 2014, 12:46 AM edit delete
Yep Con this weekend see Datachasers for more info ! ( link at bottom of page )
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Mayyday 9th Jan 2014, 12:56 AM edit delete reply

Lol I love it!

EDIT - Also, first! w00t!
Dragonrider 9th Jan 2014, 1:10 AM edit delete reply

Hope Captain Stick gets there pretty quick before he tries to operate without anesthesia and clotting agents, still bet he tries to replace some of the "foolish unnecessary non robotic"parts with aluminum rods so she is a robot.
Stormwind13 12th Jan 2014, 9:15 PM edit delete reply

I didn't see him hauling the surgical instrument table in with him, Dragonrider. Hopefully before he can summon one up, Captain Yukimura will come in and correct his behavior. Start with shooting him in the knees and then go up from there if he continues to be... difficult. :-D
jamie59 9th Jan 2014, 1:13 AM edit delete reply

So every time I knock something over it's a servo problem. Hurry May get the Captain.
Sheela 9th Jan 2014, 2:20 AM edit delete reply

Damn servo's are all over the place in my home. :(
cattservant 9th Jan 2014, 4:54 AM edit delete reply

The Doctor is not very mentally flexible it seems.
mjkj 9th Jan 2014, 8:19 AM edit delete reply

Well, she is nervous, with that creep being there, no wonder she hit that cup...

Wow, she just should have called security...

Poor Galina, I hope May will find Captain Kiku soon...

In the mean time Galina has to fend for herself. I hope she can do that - and maybe call security herself.

*hugs May and Galina*
Stormwind13 9th Jan 2014, 10:11 AM edit delete reply

Might not be a good idea, mjkj. Consider that the doctor already had to pass security to get here. Either they AGREE with the Granger's attitude toward Galina or they recognize the doctor's authority to give them orders and had to let him by. In either case, I would expect little help from security.

The Captain is Galina's best option for salvation from this situation.

Edit: Fixed. Stupid smart phone spell checker doing auto replace. Caught it second time, but not first one. :-p

Edit: Redid a little bit of it now that I can read more than 5 words at a time. :-) Didn't like the way I structured it originally.
Centcomm 9th Jan 2014, 10:35 AM edit delete reply

Yakima ?

*** EDIT Ah got it .. wonders how the spellchecker got Yakima from Galina LOLOLOL
cattservant 9th Jan 2014, 11:15 AM edit delete reply

It is cold in the State of Washington this time of year.
Dragonrider 9th Jan 2014, 9:08 PM edit delete reply

Auto correct on phones is evil, I sent someone a text about business and what they needed to do the next day, auto correct decided they needed to get sex after lunch.
Centcomm 9th Jan 2014, 9:10 PM edit delete reply

At Dragonrider LOL!
Tokyo Rose 9th Jan 2014, 9:47 PM edit delete reply

And this is why sites like "Damn You Autocorrect" are 100% plausible. :D
Stormwind13 9th Jan 2014, 10:10 PM edit delete reply

Tasty dessert there, Dragonrider. :-D Now did they follow your instructions or not? :-D
Dragonrider 9th Jan 2014, 11:20 PM edit delete reply

No he went to the Publisher and complained that I was making a comment that made him feel uncomfortable. I got a lecture about being careful with messages. From then on I called rather than texted.
Stormwind13 9th Jan 2014, 9:56 PM edit delete reply

@CentComm: The G and the Y are close together on the keyboard... and K and L... and the N and M, so they are thinking you can't spell or type. :-D
Centcomm 9th Jan 2014, 8:03 PM edit delete reply

She actually knocked the cup over to get May's attention.. she KNOWS May will have NO trouble mouthing off to the Doctor and getting herself removed. and then she couldnt help at all..
Sheela 10th Jan 2014, 6:43 PM edit delete reply

Yeah, being an android she probably don't get the shakes from being scared/nervous, it would be counter productive, seen from a "programmers" perspective (which is what her father basically was) and would have been weeded out.

In fact, it's kinda considered an error in humans too, an unfortunate sideeffect to adrenaline.
cattservant 9th Jan 2014, 11:52 PM edit delete reply

29 & 30!
mjkj 10th Jan 2014, 9:18 PM edit delete reply

Have fun at the con :)

...but I do not see the link that is supposed to be at the bottom of the page (according to author's comment) ;)
Stormwind13 11th Jan 2014, 12:33 AM edit delete reply

Here, have a link mjkj, DarkCon 2014
mjkj 11th Jan 2014, 1:09 PM edit delete reply

Thanks :)
Antonious 12th Jan 2014, 10:59 PM edit delete reply

Evil the title character from the webcomic Evil showed up in today's Luna Star TWC vote. Hmmmmm. If he shows up tomorrow in "By Staff and Sword" TWC vote .......
Stormwind13 13th Jan 2014, 12:38 AM edit delete reply

If that happens Antonious, I think I'm going to get a Nazar to protect me from YOU. Evil seems to be following you around! :-D

Or maybe you have done something to get CentComm on your case. :-D Either way, evil is stalking you. :-)
Centcomm 13th Jan 2014, 11:01 AM edit delete reply

Actually.. I cover that point :D its in the next page :D
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